What ‘High-Functioning’ PTSD Looks Like

What ‘High-Functioning’ PTSD Looks Like

From the outside looking in, most people would never peg me as someone with a mental illness. I’ve run my own successful business for 13 years, have a big social media fan base, tons of great reviews, have been married to the same man who is my best friend for 19 years, love what I do, am passionate and vocal about my beliefs and causes, have a good sense of humor and try to live life at a pace most people can’t seem to wrap their head around.

But behind all this busyness is a person who struggles with a myriad of symptoms from C-PTSD brought on by childhood trauma. I struggle on a daily basis and I’ve gotten really good at hiding behind a mask of “perfection.”

Even on my best days, I have my moments when I struggle. But on my worst days, I sometimes wonder if I’ll make it through the day juggling so many balls in the air without dropping them all and having my whole world crash down around me.Volume 90% 


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