Month: September 2019

Can you provide trauma informed meditations?

September 24, 2019
I am certified meditation teacher and most importantly a trauma informed practitioner with an emphasis on grounding and physical and emotional security. I can personalize trauma sensitive meditation tailored to...

Does mindfulness mean I need to be religious or Buddhist? What is mindfulness trauma recovery anyway?

September 24, 2019
Absolutely not. Mindfulness is based on Buddhist teaching, but simply it means teaching your self to bring more awareness in your daily life and healing your trauma in a conscious,...

What groups you can help with trauma recovery?

September 24, 2019
I work with athletes and other performance groups ( actors, singers, politicians, "on stage" groups).

Services Offered for Emotional Trauma Recovery

September 24, 2019
Compassionate, present and knowledgeable support Trauma work takes time, patience, compassion and kindness. You are embarking on a road to release the pain that has held you hostage for years. You...

50 Best Meditation Books of All Time ( For Now )

September 17, 2019
It is a tall order to create a “best of all time” list about meditation books. How does one decide? There are thousands of books on the subject. That did...

33 Symptoms of Hidden Emotional Trauma? Do You Have One?

September 15, 2019
Here are a few symptoms of unresolved emotional trauma: 01. Anxiety 02. Depression 03. Insomnia 04. Shame 05. Anger 06. Fear 07. Hypervigilance 08. Perfectionism 09. Procrastination 10. Inability to...
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