Can you provide trauma informed meditations?

Can you provide trauma informed meditations?

Have you ever felt fear, discomfort or panic attacks during meditation, which ultimately ended your practice ?  If you utilize methods and instructors who are not trauma-informed, retraumatization and retriggering is possible. Those feelings you may have felt are not uncommon for someone with PTSD and trauma symptoms. It is quite very scary and far away from a peaceful experience.

I have been practicing meditation since 1999 and in the beginning, I also had that uncomfortable scary experience. I would end up abruptly leaving the practice room and end up feeling more panic and fear than I had before. Since my instructors were mediation-savvy but not trauma informed, they could not provide me with the help I needed.

I am certified meditation teacher and most importantly a trauma informed practitioner with an emphasis on grounding and physical and emotional security. I can personalize trauma sensitive meditation tailored to your trauma history. Working one on one, you will feel safe from the beginning and you will be able to open yourself up to the wonderful world of meditation practice without fear and resentment. Please contact me for more information.

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