Month: November 2019

Sings and Symptoms of Adults with Childhood Emotional Trauma

November 4, 2019
You as an adult somehow, deep inside know that something was missing growing up. How? Because in your family you were thought not to have your voice, not to express your nature,...

Sings and Symptoms of Transgenerational or Intergenerational Trauma

November 4, 2019
Without explanations sometimes you, or your child ( including teens and adolescents) can feel some following anxiety, fear or depression symptoms without knowing the reason why. Anxious symptoms and signs...

Signs, Signals and Symptoms of Toxic Inner Guilt, Inner Shame, Self-Directed Anger and Blame

November 4, 2019
you sometimes feel depressed, sad or angry for no apparent reason you sometimes feel emotionally numb you have a feeling that something is wrong with you you feel that you...

The Silent Treatment

November 2, 2019
Have they done it a few times? Do they do it whenever there’s been an argument or disagreement, which means that instead of talking things through, clearing the air, reaching...
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