Am I With A Narcissist Or A Sociopath Quiz?

Emotional abuse starts very insidiously, covert, and confusing. And leaves the deepest wounding in us. Usually, it starts with “loved” ones.

The key is to recognize on-time red flags, constant moments of micro harassments before they escalate in more serious sadistic forms of abuse and emotional harm.

This quiz is helping you to pick and recognize signs of a toxic relationship and tells you if you facing narcissistic abuse, sadistic or normal relationships. This is not an entertaining buzzed type of quiz. This quiz is backed up with clinical research, personal and professional observations of victims and perpetrator dynamics in relational trauma and PTSD recovery from emotional abuse. 

 It is of tremendous help to receive your support and share this quiz.

By taking a quiz, “Am I with Narcissist?” you will gain an insight into yourselves, your relationship, and what you need to face to keep your integrity, your well-being, and your dignity. And when you know how other people behave toward you and what your experiences are you gain insights if you are in a mentally abusive relationship.

If you ask yourself if you are dating a narcissist and are you a victim, take this test. 

Narcissistic and sadistic abuse can come from your friend as well, your boss, your sibling, your mother, and your partner. It is mental abuse you do not need to suffer. Mental abuse violates all your human rights same as physical abuse and it is more common and more spread among higher educated people and people of some level of “power”.

Knowing what is done to us can help us set up safe exit strategies, protect our safety and mental wellbeing and start with the process of recovery and healing.

 We can make better decisions once we face the truth, start protecting ourselves, work on boundaries, meet our promises to ourselves, heal shame, suffer less isolation, and engage more deeply with trustworthy others.

It takes about ten minutes to complete; results are confidential and they will be emailed to you. If you need more time, or you feel activated ask for someone to be with you, look for support, take a pause. 

Results of this quiz can not be used for any legal purposes or replace medical assessment. This is only for you to gain insight if you are involved in an emotionally abusive relationship. 

If you know anyone who is facing a mentally abusive relationship or might be in one, please bring more awareness and share this quizYour voice matters.

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