“The Trauma We Don’t Talk About” Book

You are not alone in your trauma. We all share it.

Unveiling the Hidden Truths: Discover the Power of Healing and Self-Transformation in
“The Trauma We Don’t Talk About.`` series Volume 1.

What will you discover?

You Are Not Alone: Discover solace in the shared trauma experience.

197 Essays: Will leave you feeling validated and empowered.

Source for Self Development: Bring relevant essay to your therapist, start conversation

Tools for Living: Embark on a journey towards self-development and healing.

This relatable and life-changing collection of 197 reflections on experiencing trauma includes facts, true stories, satirical tales of coping, and poems about mental health that will leave you feeling validated and empowered.

Written by a therapist with lived knowledge of PTSD, this first book in the series talks about the trauma experiences that few openly discuss.

Ana Mael’s intimate self-help memoir can help you embark on your trauma healing and self-improvement journey. 

  • Use it as a resource and support when you need to find hope.
  •  Reflect on specific passages with your therapist as an entry point for your sessions and self-development.
  •  Start meaningful conversations with your partner, in your support groups, or with family.
  • Journal about a relatable passage, writing your own reality.
  •  Share the book’s impactful message to raise awareness, advocate for your truth about PTSD and trauma, and help others. #ptsdtraumarecovery

What is Inside?

Chapter 1. Trauma Mind
You Are Not Going Crazy. Sanity Amidst the Chaos: Understanding the Normalcy of Trauma’s Impact on the Mind.

Chapter 2. Isolation and The Lost Self
Navigating the Storm: Understanding the Normalcy of Feeling Lost, Disconnected and Controlled by PTSD.

Chapter 3. Trauma Insights
Uncover the Hidden Reality: Delving into the Truths and Facts about PTSD and Trauma.

Chapter 4. Self Advocacy and Truth in Cynicism
Surviving Trauma: A Journey of Cynics and Skeptics. Tools to Speak Up and Empower Yourself.

Chapter 5. Oppression and Abuse of Power
Exposing the Injustices: A Deep Dive into the Insights of Oppression and Abuse of Power Through Lived, Collective and Ancestral Trauma.

Chapter 6. Trauma Body
Reclaiming Your Trauma Body: Honoring Your Body’s Journey and Connecting Back to Your True Self.

Chapter 7. Still, Yet Possible
The Wisdom Within: Harnessing the Power of the Human Body to Heal and Thrive Beyond Trauma.

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