Recover with a nervous system specialist and SE™ somatic touch practitioner for PTSD and Trauma

Leading body-mind-based oriented approaches to the healing of the autonomic nervous system.

Practice-based on Neuroscience, Somatic Experiencing ™, Somatic Touch, Polyvagal Theory and Conscious Healing.



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Services Offered

Concious, anti-oppressive and trauma-informed practice

Trauma healing takes compassion, kindness, and a non-judgment environment. You are embarking on a road to learn to release and heal the pain that has held you oppressed for years. 

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Narcissistic & Sadistic Abuse Survivors
Power Abuse & Intergenerational Trauma
Adults with Childhood Trauma
Complex PTSD and PTSD

Emotional Trauma Recovery

How does it work?

It is a four-stage approach that integrates Somatic Experiencing ®, Somatic Touch, Conscious Healing and Polyvagal Theory modalities among other trauma informed tools. This integrative body-based practice is a leading-edge approach to embodied trauma recovery on all levels: cellular, physical, mental, and emotional. It will help you develop self-regulation skills and change the process of painful neurological patterns witch is rooted in your body – your nervous system.

Stage 1

Witnessing Stage: will help you notice and become aware of sensations and emotions in your body. You will learn to listen, describe, and be mindful of how your pain body is responding to triggers. Trauma happens to our body, to our nervous system first and we want to become connected with our body and our felt sense again.

Stage 2

Regulation Stage: here, we will do most of restoring and re-balancing of your nervous system. You will learn responses to your triggers, how to regulate including body movements and apply self-regulation skills in situations that you might be avoiding.

Main goal is to restore safety for your autonomic nervous system and increase somatic resiliency capacities.

Stage 3

Interpersonal & Embodiment Stage: you will learn to develop better interpersonal understanding and regulation skills in the face of triggering situations and learn how to not react to others reactivity.

Embodiment Stage: you will expand your capacity to be kind to yourself and compassionate with others in your daily actions. You will unlock a greater sense of self-worth and a deep sense of care and connectedness with your inner being and your body.

Stage 4

Post Traumatic Growth & Mentorship: Post Traumatic Growth stage is widespread for trauma survivors, and it is a phase where we will discover and explore your new life possibilities & milestones. I will keenly mentorship your progress and growth and kindly shepherd you back to full self-care when needed.

We will get you free of the pain, get you out of isolation and excited about your life!

Simple Process

How Does it Work?

You already made the most crucial step. 

One of the automatic defenses to trauma is an isolation.

This is where trauma takes it’s hold on us when it is not shared and when it’s held alone for years or decades.

Safety and connection in relationships with others are how we heal. It takes courage to bring your trauma into the light and reach out for help. So, truly congratulations.

It might look like a simple little step, but this is a moment of transition for you.

Step 1:

Send me an email or call/text me

I will respond within 6-12 hours. Safe and secure virtual online support is available to anyone in N. America and worldwide.

Step 2:

We talk and create a plan

In our sessions you can leave all the roles you carry in the outside world.

Knowing your truth and OWNING your past story without any shame, fear, and guilt is first goal.

BALANCED life, POSITIVE mindset, inner PEACE and pain free body is second goal.

FREE inner expression, owning your present and owning your future is third goal.

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