Emotional Trauma Recovery with Somatic Touch and SE

Adults with Childhood Trauma

Do you carry emotional wounds from your childhood even you care about your parents? Do you live a life by other people’s expectations, or you run your life from a base of fear, guilt, scarcity, or suppressed anger?

Complex PTSD and PTSD

On the surface, it may seem like PTSD and Complex PTSD are none too dissimilar - they both come as the result of something deeply traumatic, they cause flashbacks, nightmares and insomnia, and they can make people live in fear even when they are safe. But at the very heart of C-PTSD lives Toxic Inner Critic and Toxic Inner Shame.
Patriarchal Systemic Trauma

Power Abuse & Intergenerational trauma

With emotional trauma healing and recovery, you can stop decades of pain. You will become a transitional character. Someone who stops a generational trauma changes the entire course of a lineage and refuses to pass it down on to their children. It stops right with you when we do our work, and this will be the most significant transformation you can do for your self, your family, and the world.

Sexual Abuse and Assault Trauma Recovery

Signs, Signals and Some Symptoms of Toxic Inner Guilt, Inner Shame, Self-Directed Anger and Blame due to the Sexual Assault  you move from feeling depressed, sad and angry through out the day or even an hour you feel emotionally numb you have a feeling that everything is wrong with you you feel that you are...

Narcissistic Abuse Survivors

Narcissistic abuse is consider as the worst form of emotional, verbal and not rare physical abuse. It can be done by your parents, siblings, partner, even by your coworker, boss or a friend. It is abuser conscious effort to kill all your values, sense of self-worth and violate your boundaries. You can start to feel small, scared and guilty and you don't know why. You start to feel crazy because abuser main goal is to make you feel crazy and guilty. You develop toxic inner shame and toxic inner critic. Recovery is slow but this is where my expertise will help. I lived this life for decades and I can assure you I will provide you with skills so you will be moving from a victim to survivor to a thriver. No questions asked.
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