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PTSD and trauma survivors need to co-regulate their nervous system first to start feel safe in the body and gain back control over inner system. Polyvagal theory informed practice leads you there

Professional Dancers: The Power of Somatic Movement Embodiment. Elevating Artistry.

April 3, 2024
Enrolment for the next round of coaching please email to be waitlisted at ********** In the realm of professional dance, achieving a superlative level of expertise requires a comprehensive...

The Power of Somatic Dance Movement in Trauma Therapy

December 12, 2023
In this video bellow, I share ( to my community, so no fancy editing! ) how I use conscious dance movements with my clients to help regulate trauma states. I...

The Power of Somatic Workouts, Breathwork, and Sound Movement in Nervous System Regulation and Trauma Healing

December 12, 2023
The role of the nervous system in our response to trauma is nothing short of pivotal. Traumatic experiences can significantly disrupt the equilibrium of the nervous system, leading to heightened...

Comprehensive Body-Felt Sensations Reference Chart

September 22, 2023
Healing of the nervous system starts with getting to know felt sense in your body. Learn the language of senses and get familiar with noticing sensations first before you move...

Why You Can’t Stand Up For Yourself

September 5, 2023
From the book: Do you remember when you were in your own world as a child, playing, minding your own business, being happy or at ease, when suddenly someone...

Fibromyalgia and IBS Recovery Through out Polyvagal Lens

February 14, 2021
FIBROMYALGIA AND IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME COMORBIDITIES WITH ANXIETY, PANIC DISORDERS, DEPRESSION, AND SOMATIC FUNCTION Medically unexplained somatic problems including chronic diffuse pain and functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGIDs) are persistent, disabling,...

Why use Somatic Experiencing Touch, Transforming Touch and Transforming Intentional Touch for Trauma Recovery?

September 3, 2020
SE Touch is applied with hands and occasionally with forearm or foot contact, and can also be offered indirectly, such as providing support through a cushion. SE Touch is done fully...

Vagus Nerve Balance for Your PTSD, Trauma and Chronic Pain Symptoms Regulation. First things first.

June 17, 2020
The vagus nerve forms a bi-directional “super-highway” between your brain and the majority of your internal organs. Unless your vagus nerve is in good shape and activates readily when it...

What is Polyvagal Theory Practice and Why Regulation of the Nervous System is Crucial?

June 8, 2020
Everyday living is a complex experience of autonomic nervous system. Polyvagal Theory developed by dr. Stephen Porges  explains how and why trauma clients move through a continuous cycle of mobilization,...

Polyvagal Theory and Regulation of Autonomic Nervous System for PTSD and Emotional Trauma Symptoms

June 2, 2020
Why do we need to regulate our nervous system first so we can start to heal our emotional trauma and complex PTSD symptoms? Because trauma happens to our body first...
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