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Somatic Grief Recovery

November 1, 2023
  Understanding Grief: Navigating the Complex Journey of Healing Somatic Therapy and Your Grief Healing: Grief is deeply embodied experience. In grief our heart is broken. We can experience Broken...

Narcissistic Abuse Survivors

November 20, 2020
Narcissistic abuse is consider as the worst form of emotional, verbal and not rare physical abuse. It can be done by your parents, siblings, partner, even by your coworker, boss...

Boundaries & Consent Violations ( Abuse of Power and Spiritual Abuse & Neglect) )

February 21, 2019
With emotional trauma healing and recovery, you can stop decades of pain. You will become a transitional character. Someone who stops a generational trauma changes the entire course of a...

Complex PTSD and PTSD

March 22, 2018
On the surface, it may seem like PTSD and Complex PTSD are none too dissimilar - they both come as the result of something deeply traumatic, they cause flashbacks, nightmares...

Adults with Childhood Trauma

March 21, 2018
Do you carry emotional wounds from your childhood even you care about your parents? Do you live a life by other people’s expectations, or you run your life from a...
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