Sings and Symptoms of Transgenerational or Intergenerational Trauma

Sings and Symptoms of Transgenerational or Intergenerational Trauma

Without explanations sometimes you, or your child ( including teens and adolescents) can feel some following anxiety, fear or depression symptoms without knowing the reason why.

Anxious symptoms and signs are not limited to worry or nervousness, but can also appear in unexpected ways, including:

  • restlessness, irritability or feeling on edge
  • racing thoughts, ruminating or obsessing
  • being easily fatigued
  • muscle tension
  • difficulty concentrating or mind going blank
  • sleep disturbance, difficulty falling asleep or restless, unsatisfying sleep
  • physiological symptoms as in panic attacks (e.g. heart palpitations, chest pain)
  • sweating or trembling
  • having difficulty controlling worry
  • feeling weak or tired
  • trouble concentrating or thinking about anything other than the present worry
  • unexpected fear in certain places, buildings, homes
  • unexpected fear around people with certain looks, mimics or laughter

All the symptoms can be transferred down to you by your parents, grandparents or society or culture you have been born into.

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