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Complex PTSD and PTSD

Complex PTSD is specific to prolonged  repetitive trauma that typically happens in childhood – most often abuse. Also it can happen in any phase of your life. The symptoms of complex PTSD can be more enduring and extreme than those of PTSD.

Most frequently, this trauma involves long-term physical, emotional, or sexual abuse.

The following are some examples of trauma that can cause complex PTSD:

  • experiencing childhood neglect, including verbal, emotional abuse
  • experiencing other types of abuse early in life
  • experiencing domestic abuse
  • experiencing human trafficking
  • living in a region affected by war

Why You Can’t Stand Up For Yourself

September 5, 2023
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Can I start healing with Mary Oliver poem, The Journey ?

February 12, 2023
Sometimes the workshops, self-help books, retreats, YouTube self healing videos are just not making that small shift in you to pause just pause, resonate with words on a deeper level...

Wars, displacements, refugees. How Somatic Experiencing therapy can help with war trauma?

September 25, 2022
Somatic experiencing therapy specialize in PTSD and trauma recovery including man-made disasters, category wars and horrors. The person who has experienced the war, gun violence, persecution, forced displacements, genocide, being...

Fibromyalgia and IBS Recovery Through out Polyvagal Lens

February 14, 2021
FIBROMYALGIA AND IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME COMORBIDITIES WITH ANXIETY, PANIC DISORDERS, DEPRESSION, AND SOMATIC FUNCTION Medically unexplained somatic problems including chronic diffuse pain and functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGIDs) are persistent, disabling,...

Why use Somatic Experiencing Touch, Transforming Touch and Transforming Intentional Touch for Trauma Recovery?

September 3, 2020
SE Touch is applied with hands and occasionally with forearm or foot contact, and can also be offered indirectly, such as providing support through a cushion. SE Touch is done fully...

What is Polyvagal Theory Practice and Why Regulation of the Nervous System is Crucial?

June 8, 2020
Everyday living is a complex experience of autonomic nervous system. Polyvagal Theory developed by dr. Stephen Porges  explains how and why trauma clients move through a continuous cycle of mobilization,...

Healing trauma with Dr. Gabor Mate Compassionate Inquiry method.

February 4, 2020
What Is Compassionate Inquiry? Compassionate Inquiry is a psychotherapeutic approach developed by Dr. Gabor Maté that reveals what lies beneath the appearance we present to the world. Using Compassionate Inquiry, both the...


February 4, 2020
The Somatic Experiencing® method is a body-oriented approach to the healing of trauma and other stress disorders.

Can you provide trauma informed meditations?

September 24, 2019
I am certified meditation teacher and most importantly a trauma informed practitioner with an emphasis on grounding and physical and emotional security. I can personalize trauma sensitive meditation tailored to...

What groups you can help with trauma recovery?

September 24, 2019
I work with athletes and other performance groups ( actors, singers, politicians, "on stage" groups).
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