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Am I an HSP-Highly Sensitive Person? Symptoms, signs, traits and gifts. And why HSP is the most abused one?

November 14, 2021
1. HSPs really, genuinely care—and they are good at it.  If a loved one, colleague, or acquaintance is going through a tough time, it’s very difficult for an HSP to...

How do I Know if I Have Emotional Trauma? Childhood Trauma? Or Repressed Trauma?

February 11, 2021
First, do not minimize, dismiss, or disregard your pain, fear, shame, anxiety, or anything that feels not right with you.  If you are saying to yourself:” I had a privileged...

33 Symptoms of Hidden Emotional Trauma? Do You Have One?

September 15, 2019
Here are a few symptoms of unresolved emotional trauma: 01. Anxiety 02. Depression 03. Insomnia 04. Shame 05. Anger 06. Fear 07. Hypervigilance 08. Perfectionism 09. Procrastination 10. Inability to...

Early warning signs of abuse – checklist. Important for men and women. Abuse can happen to anyone.

June 5, 2019
Read carefully, check and monitor if some of these signs are present or getting more frequent. Your partner makes you feel uncomfortable by:* Telling you what to do or not...
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