Am I an HSP-Highly Sensitive Person? Symptoms, signs, traits and gifts. And why HSP is the most abused one?

Am I an HSP-Highly Sensitive Person? Symptoms, signs, traits and gifts. And why HSP is the most abused one?

1. HSPs really, genuinely care—and they are good at it. 

If a loved one, colleague, or acquaintance is going through a tough time, it’s very difficult for an HSP to walk away from the emotional situation without getting invested, thinking deeply about the issue, and offering their insights.

2. HSPs tend to be highly creative. 

They are attuned to subtleties of all kinds, and richness in things that others may overlook. They draw inspiration from their complex inner lives, and in turn, create beauty, joy, and inspiration for others.

3. HSPs are incredibly conscientious and take great pride in their tasks.

They work very hard to make sure things are done right and make great employees in roles that allow for autonomy, space, and time to ponder.

4. HSPs feel more deeply. 

While this can be a bit hindering when negative emotions arise, it also means that feelings of elation can reach a higher intensity than in non-HSPs.

5. HSPs are very sensitive to animals. 

Because they are so in tune with energies, emotions, and the lesser-noticed things in life, they are often especially sensitive to animals and how they are handled.

6. HSPs have a passion like no other. 

It’s often very easy for an HSP to experience genuine, blind passion for a topic—so much so that it seems they are almost bursting with it.

7. HSPs are a genuine bunch. 

They have a hard time faking interest in topics, people, tasks, and activities that don’t suit them, leaving more time to cultivate themselves, friendships, and the interests that help them to feel fulfilled.

8. HSPs make life about finding meaning. 

They are often driven by an internal search for meaning, and if something doesn’t feel meaningful, they can’t just “do it anyway”—they need to silence or filter it out.

9. HSPs are great at having deep, meaningful conversations. 

They often loathe small talk and unnecessary discussions because really, who has time for that?

10. HSPs are amazing problem solvers. 

HSPs are extremely contemplative and will often take time to process and ponder an issue following a conversation. They’re not “out of sight, out of mind” types of people, and will keep cognitively working on solving problems and coming up with ideas if a conversation hasn’t completely resolved a question (bringing us back to No. 1).

11. They can be spiritual people, wounded healers, highly intuitive with a radars when something “feels” off.

Because you are an HSP, I can be fairly certain that you are probably spiritual in some way. “Spiritual” has many meanings, and you will know your path. Also, you are a natural, wounded healer with a deep sense of what is happening with another person before that person knows it, and you can just sense it on your skin when something is not right when you see someone or when you enter into the room and you “pick up” the energy of others.

But why HSP is the most abused one?

As an HSP person, very likely, you are IFNJ or EFNJ person. Data shows that the most abused persons are HSP, IFNJ, and EFNJ types! Why? Because abuser has laser detectors for empaths and they know HSP person will reflect and think more than anyone else about every single insult abuser – the narcissist is saying or doing.

The abuser wants you to be stuck in your head; abuser wants you to spend hours thinking about every single belittling comment they say to you. This is how narcissistic or sociopath feeds upon you and how they start to control you. Get in your head, destroy your self-esteem bit by bit because you will not brush it off as someone else might. That is the reason the abuser makes a trauma bond with you but not with some other narcissistic or entitled persona or someone who is just a different personality type.  

HSP personalities also tend to think very critically about themself because they are very self-reflective and abuser sense that. 

Your sensitivity and empathy have been exploited by a toxic sick person, and if you are raised by narcissistic parents or have a narcissistic abusive partner, please know that it is not your fault for being abused, whether it was in childhood or adulthood. 

You do have one of the most authentic personalities and know there are genuine people out there who won’t take advantage of your empathy and will be grateful to have you in their life. 

Remember: The abuser’s worst nightmare is an educated empath!

And as a Highly Sensitive Person or INFJ, ENFJ type, you do have a natural drive for self-improvement, and self-reflection and personal growth is possible beyond anything you have imagined before. You do have a beautiful sense of humor, wit, sense of justice, and you can “feel” on a deep intuitive level when toxicity is present. You can pick up vibes early on. Many spiritual leaders, social justice advocates, healers, artists are HSP, INFJ, ENFJ types as you are. Remember, you are not alone. 

I will educate you on how to set up good boundaries, and also, you will learn what was done to your nervous system. You will learn step by step how to get out of this toxicity you were “trapped in” and how mindfully and consciously you can start to do self-care on an hourly basis. You will learn how to listen to your own needs, and I promise you recovery and healing will happen. I lived it. I get it. I healed. I can help. 

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